Nightmare Toy – A True Story

By Josh Pesin.  Based on a true account by Emma Pesin.

Three years ago, I gave my daughter Emma a Ouija board for her birthday thinking that it would be a fun way that she and her friends can be entertained by “talking to spirits”.  Three years later, I wanted to destroy the thing realizing that this board was far from being a toy.

Just last night, my daughter and her friends got together to celebrate her 16th birthday.  After going out for dinner, the teens went downstairs to my basement to play card games and foosball.  Growing bored, one of her friends remembered that Emma had a Ouija board in her closet.  The last time they used this board was last March, just a few days after their friend Brian died of cardiac arrest.  They wanted to see if they could contact his spirit by asking personal questions like what his favorite TV show was, etc.  They put one of his Yu-Gi-Oh cards under the Ouija board in order to connect with his spirit.  The board indicated through his spirit that he was happy where he was at.  That happened last March.  What happened last night was a whole different story.

Late last night, my daughter ran out of her bedroom crying hysterically and absolutely terrified.  I had no idea what the hell was going on.  She told me that as she was laying in bed while the rain came down outside, she kept on hearing rubbing and breathing noises against her bedroom window.  You know, that squeaking sound one makes when they are cleaning a wet window.  It was 1:00AM at the time.  Once I woke up and came running to her, she grabbed me and wanted to sleep close to me that night fearing that spirits were trying to communicate with her.

Little did I know at the time that earlier that night, the teens had another “session” with the Ouija board in my basement.  They wanted to communicate with Brian’s spirit again because this time, Brian’s best friends were there and wanted to reach him.  First they took the planchette and circled the board several times, then they asked, “Brian, are you here?”.  It didn’t move, so they did it again.  It moved halfway up towards the word, “No”.  Then they tried it again.  This time it went to the word “Yes”.  Then they asked, “Is any spirit here?”.  Then it went to the letter “G”.  At exactly 9:40PM, the cell phones of both Emma and her friend Andriana rang at the same time.  Both girls picked up and there was silence.  Their phones rang several more times together and each time there was no voice on the other end.  With each call, the caller ID for each of their phones read, “No Caller ID – unknown”.  A total of four cell phones for each of my daughter’s four friends received the same number of calls at the same of time.  After they got these phone calls, Emma started to panic and they all went outside to burn the Ouija board.

Then Andriana received the following text: “LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE”.  Her friend Ivan received the message, “DO NOT COME BACK”.  Finally, her friend Kiran received a bunch of random numbers which turned out to be the coordinates of the cemetery for where Brian was buried.  All of these texts came from the same phone number that was traced to Ontario, Canada.  When they tried to call the number, nobody picked up.

Below are the actual screenshots from the texts mentioned in this true story: