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Trash Cam is a window into one New York resident’s real-time recycling habits.  The Trash Cam is a live spreadsheet that updates weekly as trash and recyclables are discarded responsibly into the appropriate recycling containers from his home in Brooklyn, New York.  All of his trash and recyclables are weighed first, then their weight is recorded in the spreadsheet in pounds.   You can view the spreadsheet in the Trash Cam link below.  Please consider the following facts as you make your decision to become a responsible recycler like myself:
  • FACT #1: The average New Yorker recycles only about 20% of their trash.
  • FACT #2: New York City spends about *2.3 billion dollars to barge our trash to places like Alabama and China.  By recycling responsibly, your recyclables will avoid being thrown into the very expensive trash stream and will save the City money while having a minimal impact on the environment.
  • FACT #3: By recycling your food scraps, you will help make material available that will be used as both fertilizer and energy to power the City.
  • FACT #4: The New York Department of Sanitation has already begun the Zero Waste Challenge, an ambitious goal to be achieved by 2030.  Your responsible recycling habits will help the City achieve this goal.
By viewing the spreadsheet in the link below, you will see that it is possible to recycle a lot more of your trash if you recycle responsibly.  By joining me in this quest, you will be a more responsible New Yorker for both our city’s environment and it’s financial future.  You will also play an important role in helping to achieve the Zero Waste Challenge.
After reading this and viewing my Trash Cam below, I hope you will consider becoming a responsible recycler like myself.
Thank you,
Josh Pesin
joshpesin @
*Source: The Guardian, October 27, 2016

To view the latest Trash Cam update, click here.

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