Brush With Greatness

As a background actor who has been in well over 100 film and tv productions, people often ask me questions about my experiences working on set.  My friends and family want to know if I get a chance to speak with the lead actors.  For the most part, background actors are not allowed to.  The lead actors are focused on memorizing their lines for each scene and they need total concentration.  For this reason, it is a big no-no for background actors to speak with them.  However, there have been times when I was able to interact with them.  I have compiled a spreadsheet that you can view to share my acting experiences with you.  I will continue to update this spreadsheet as I work more acting gigs.  You never know where these acting adventures may take me.

To view the spreadsheet, click here.


Boardwalk Guys

Fellow bootleggers and I during a break on the set of Boardwalk Empire.