Emma Pesin Portfolio


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Book Cover


Stuffed Series

Stuffed animal series acrylic paint, pen

Open Wounds

Human skin with cuts polymer clay,fake blood

Sketchbook Sample #1

Study of clothing color pencil

Fish Series

Series of a made up character marker

Strained Brain

canvas split with metal wired connecting the two pieces acrylic paint,marker,metal wire


Minimalistic creature Graphite to digital

Universal Self-Portrait

Self portrait acrylic paint, marker, pen, oil pastels, magazine

Blackboard Noise

Collage of images Colorpencil

Sketchbook Sample #6

Plant study color pencil,paint,pen

Sketchbook Sample #5

Abstract watercolor

Bridge Study

Observational drawing at DUMBO graphite


Gesture drawing of hands in different positons graphite

Sketchbook Sample #2

Animal study paint,color pencil


Minimalistic creature graphite to digital

Emma Art 1

Audio CD (back)

Sketchbook Sample #4

Typography study/diary ink

Cracked Card

Crumpled metrocard Watercolor


Wooden block study graphite


Greek Bust study graphite


Logo for Amazon Prime mini-series

I Miss Chiu

Drawing was made in memory of my friend who passed away at a young age. He loved anime and I drew him appearing as his favorite anime character graphite


Logo for Amazon Prime mini-series


Logo for Amazon Prime mini-series


Logo for Amazon Prime mini-series

Sketchbook Sample #3

Ink jail cell with red yarn sewn into the paper

Heart Study

Human heart painting acrylic

Gray Poster

Poster made for a friend

Emma Art 2

Audio CD (cover)